Meet the Strangely Designed Soundproof Microphone!

A company called Shiftall has produced a soundproof microphone that is technically effective but looks “lousy” in terms of design and usability. The purpose of the equipment is to prevent the sound from going to the environment while talking during the game.

Engineers from time to time strange products can develop. Although these products often remain as concepts, there are some that are released and offered to millions. Now we will tell you about one of the most ridiculous products in history. This product is a soundproof microphone.

The name of the product developed by a company called Shiftall “Mutalk“. The product, which has a similar structure to VR glasses, attaches to the mouth part and when it is put on, it creates a strange image. The company thought of a very logical reason when designing this product: Not disturbing the environment while talking. However, is there any reason to wear a product such as a muzzle, which is mandatory for dangerous dogs, for this? We are not so sure about this…

Introducing Mutalk!

The sound you speak when you put Mutalk in your mouth inaudible from outside is provided. The company used a special soundproofing technology to achieve this. However, when you put such a product in your mouth, the effect of 183 grams of weight should not be forgotten. Our readers who want to try; with 6.7 inch screen he can try to put a smartphone in his mouth and hold it for a long time. Of course, there is also the stretching dimension of the job. Imagine how difficult it is to speak when you put the device in your mouth. One’s jaw gets tired


If such a product appeals to you, let’s talk about its other technical features. mutalk, up to 8 hours It offers uninterrupted use. Sound-isolating microphone with Bluetooth 5.1 support for connection with headphones 3.5mm input It also offers support. You can use the product on Windows, Android and iOS devices.

sound isolating microphone

Shiftall is a tool that shows how effective sound isolation the microphone has. Trailer also published. If this video reflects the truth, we can say that the product is really effective. You will not disturb your surroundings while playing games. But who why what looks like a dog muzzle Want to install a product?

Here is the promotional video for Mutalk

For those wondering: This is what the dog muzzle looks like:

dog muzzle

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