Meet the Accessible Android for Visually Impaired Individuals!

Close your eyes for a second and try to pick up any object you know is in front of you in one attempt. If the object in front of you is not large, it will be quite difficult to do this. Can you imagine how difficult the lives of visually impaired individuals are?

Having a physical disability is not an obstacle to your success. So much so that our environment does not have any bodily who put obstacles to himself even though he has no handicap full of people. For some visually impaired individuals, it seems, there are no barriers at all. Now we will talk about a team of visually impaired people and we will talk about how this team broke down barriers.

Salih Kunduz, to us He stated that both he and his team were visually impaired. He talked about the work they did. He shared that they established a platform, examined the applications that the visually impaired can use, and made podcasts.

Let’s get to know the accessible Android.

Salih Kunduz and his team established their website named Accessible Android after months of work. With the information such as application reviews, tips, how to use they add to this website, it is also possible for visually impaired individuals to to make your life easier they aim. While doing this, they occasionally organize podcasts on Spotify and tell the users the details aloud.

Moreover, while doing this From the Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) to Discord they cover many different applications. With the texts shared on the site, users can also get information about technological developments. Moreover, some content on the site includes audio narration.

In doing so, their aim is to raise awareness that Android is an accessible operating system.

accessible android

Accessible Android team, Android operating system easier to use by visually impaired individuals continues to work for On the other hand, the team not only does this, but also gives application developers their applications. preparations and arrangements in accordance with accessibility criteria provides support for.

And they actually do a very important job.


These works of Salih Kunduz and his team are very important for the visually impaired individuals in our country. Because in our country As of 2022, 2,511,950 visually impaired individuals exists. Some of these individuals do not use the applications on their phones or do not know how to use them. On the other hand, developers may also have problems with the ‘accessibility’ of their applications.

Teams like accessible Android are also at this point. to raise awareness of all continues its work. We hope that similar efforts will not be wasted and applications in operating systems such as Android and iOS will become more accessible to everyone.

To look at the experiences of visually impaired individuals through their eyes:


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