Measures against Moscow well advanced

With an urgent appeal, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against invading Ukraine. The secret service findings about a Russian troop deployment on the Ukrainian border are very clear, Johnson said on Monday in Milton Keynes. “Everyone can see the plan for a blitzkrieg that could eliminate Kiev.”

“We have to make it very clear to the Kremlin, Russia, that it would be a disastrous move,” Johnson said. From a Russian perspective, too, this would be a “painful, violent and bloody affair,” the prime minister warned. He announced that he would speak to international partners. London, like the US, had previously withdrawn workers from its embassy in Kiev. They are also in the process of preparing economic sanctions.

With a massive Russian troop build-up near the border with Ukraine, there are fears in the West that the Kremlin may be planning an invasion of the neighboring country. Moscow rejects this and demands security guarantees from the USA and NATO.

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