McDonald’s Accepts Bitcoin (BTC) Payments in Lugano, Switzerland

After the Swiss Mayor of Lugano Michele Foletti’s decision to make Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) legal currency last March, Bitcoin payments began to be accepted at McDonald’s stores in the city.

Mayor of Lugano, the largest city in southern Switzerland Michele Foletti, March 3 took place on thePlan B” in the event bitcoin, Tether and LGVA of your token will be considered “de facto” legal tender in the city, the local currency of Switzerland Swiss franc certainly in Lugano and other cities in Switzerland. real legal tender declared that he would remain.

In addition to allowing residents of Lugano to pay their taxes using crypto, the project use of crypto parking payments, utilities, and tuition fees for students. will expand. located in the area more than 200 stores and of the enterprise for products and services crypto payments is scheduled to be accepted. In line with these plans, many brands have started to accept Bitcoin transactions, and the most notable of them is McDonald’s it happened.

From today, it will be possible to pay with Bitcoin and USDT at McDonald’s shops in the city of Lugano.

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