Max Keiser Insisting on $220,000 Bitcoin Target “The Real Bull Will Start Then!” Said!

The oldest bitcoin A new BTC statement came from the famous maximalist Max Keiser, one of his investors.

Referring to the reports of the US Treasury and the Fed on banks by the user named “Mohegan BTC” “They create the perfect environment for Bitcoin to go parabolic, that’s for sure” Responding to his comment, Keiser made ambitious predictions.

Stating that he is behind the $ 220,000 BTC estimate and insists on this estimate, Max Keiser said, ” BTC He said his prediction would come in an instant.

Claiming that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin will reach $ 220,000 suddenly bitcoin defender Keiser stated that then the real bull market will begin.

“At once in Bitcoin, $220,000 will come and then the REAL BULLISH MARKET WILL START!”

Apart from Bitcoin price, the banking crisis and FEDCommenting on the ‘s decision on interest rates, Max Keiser stated that they deliberately and intentionally screwed up the banks and stated that behind these plans was to pave the way for CBDCs.

Keiser also supported the famous billionaire Bill Ackman’s statements on the FED and interest rates and stated that the FED should cut 50 basis points. Elon Musk’He also commented on the post.

Keiser supports Musk on this “The Fed should immediately go to negative 3% on Wednesday or risk declaring bankruptcy. A 775 basis point drop is required in a single move.” said.

*Not investment advice.

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