Mastercard Acquires Blockchain Company Ciphertrace

Mastercard announced the acquisition of Ciphertrace, a company that conducts security analysis on cryptocurrencies. This step, which will help ensure the security of digital currencies, was interpreted as a positive development for investors.

Some time ago, he entered the crypto money industry. logging in one of the largest financial companies in the world MasterCardtook a step to consolidate its position in the sector. Founded in 2016 and tracking more than 900 cryptocurrencies ciphertrace Mastercard, which acquired the company named ensuring security in the digital world seems to work.

Ciphertrace is one of the important names in the Blockchain industry. To ensure the security of technology Investigating events related to cryptocurrencies The company has announced that it has been focusing on completely decentralized exchanges (def) for several months. Mastercard’s acquisition move, Ciphertrace’s so far that you are doing the right things a clear indication.

“Digital currencies need to be reliable”

Explanations on the subject were made by the head of Mastercard’s cyber security and intelligence unit. Ajay Bhalla It was done by. Bhalla said that it is accepted by everyone that digital currencies are useful, but that it is not enough. According to Bhalla, in the cryptocurrency world Investor security also needs to be ensured and Ciphertrace are one of the names that can provide this situation with their work.


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When will the purchase between Mastercard and Ciphertrace be completed? Unknown. In addition, the parties did not say anything about how much this purchase cost. Nevertheless, this purchase is very important. Because a decades-old company that provides classical financial services such as Mastercard is investing in a new technology, Blockchain and crypto money, that the world order began to change clear indication…

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