Mass of Gas Circling Around the Black Hole in 70 Minutes

A gaseous mass has been discovered orbiting the Sagittarius A* black hole at the center of our galaxy. It was reported that the mass made a full circle around the black hole in a crazy time like 70 minutes.

The center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, A massive black hole called Sagittarius A* is hosting. If you remember, this black hole was the subject of a historical discovery in space exploration. Scientists managed to take a picture of a black hole for the first time in history. This black hole was also Sagittarius A*.

The black hole, which has a mass of almost 4 million times more than the Sun, came up with a mysterious news today. Astronomers around the black hole a mass of gas that rotates very quickly discovered. It was reported that the gas mass rotates clockwise.

It circles the black hole in 70 minutes!

  • Image of Sagittarius A* and illustration of newly discovered gas mass.

New discovery, around black holes overly ‘crazy’ events It was tangible proof that you did. Astrophysicist Max Planck from the Radio Astronomy Institute in Germany shared the surprising details about the new discovery as follows:

“The one that revolves around Sagittarius A* in an orbit similar to that of the planet Mercury, but completing a full cycle in about 70 minutes We think we’re looking at a hot gas bubble.”

The gas mass in question revolves around the black hole in just 70 minutes. that it travels at 30% of the speed of light pointing out. While scientists are yet to reach more details, they plan to remove more question marks with future observations.


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