MASAK Seized Assets of FTX Officials!

There has been a critical development in our country regarding FTX, one of the largest stock exchange companies in the crypto world, which declared bankruptcy in the past weeks.

Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK)made a statement about FTX on the official website minutes ago.

MASAK announced that many officials of the bankrupt stock market, including FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, applied to the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office to confiscate their assets.

MASAK officials listed the main reasons for the criminal complaint with the following three items:

  • Unlawful preservation of customer trusts,
  • The smuggling of customer assets abroad on behalf of other persons or institutions through fraudulent transactions,
  • FTX exchange trying to mislead customers by offering fake trading services for “non-existent” crypto assets.

MASAK had announced that it had launched an investigation on 13 November after the bankrupt stock market announced its official bankruptcy protection application.

While citizens who are members of the FTX main exchange still cannot get their money back, the Turkey branch of the bankrupt exchange, FTX TR, continues to work for a refund.

Facing the reaction of investors who could not save their money from the global FTX exchange, FTX TR officials claim that the main exchange is not located in their jurisdiction.

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