Marvel Shares Thor’s 11th Anniversary Video Special

Marvel shared a video in honor of Thor being with us for over 10 years and Thor: Love and Thunder’s upcoming release. In the video, we watch behind-the-scenes footage of Thor and hilarious Chris Hemsworth auditioning.

It first entered our lives as a movie on its own in 2011. Thor We can say that all Marvel fans love his character. Not only is the character itself a bit goofy but funny, and Chris Hemsworth, who plays him, is just like Thor in return.

As you know, Thor: Love And Thunder starring Natalie Portman, which will probably be the last movie of the Thor series, will be released on July 8. In memory of this, Marvel has announced that Thor movies are on Thor’s official Twitter page. behind the scenes footage and Chris Hemsworth Thor shared footage of his audition.

Chris Hemsworth’s audition and Thor behind the scenes

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