Martı TAG discussion moved to a different dimension!

electric scooter usage application Seagullachieved great success in a short time. Martı, which has started to be used in a large part of Turkey, has also made a statement about car sharing. TAG (Let’s Go With One Vehicle) announced its service.

Martı TAG discussion moved to a different dimension

The application, which allows people to share vehicles on certain routes through the application, received a great response from the taxi drivers. Eyüp Aksu, the head of Istanbul Taxi Drivers’ Chamber of Tradesmen (İTEO), said: TAG platform He said it was ‘piracy’.

Recently, Martı provided the service in question via the Twitter account of the Istanbul Taxi Professionals’ Chamber. ‘piracy’ There was a tweet accusing it. “Legal proceedings have been initiated. Necessary attempts have been made to all official institutions to cancel it.

Martı announced its new service! How is TAG used?

What is TAG, which was put into service by Martı without any commercial purpose or profit, and how is it used?

While all these discussions were going on, Martı Founder and CEO (CEO) Oguz Alper OktemA statement came from. Oguz Alper Oktem, President of the Taxi Drivers’ Chamber He shared a video in which Eyüp Aksu announced that he was threatening himself and his family.

seagull electric scooter

Öktem on Twitter: ‘This video is a “threat response” video! My words are neither to the taxi worker nor to the license plate holders, but only to you, in the video he shared with the note @eyupaksu24:

“This is what I will say neither to taxi license plate owners nor to taxi workers. Directly to Eyüp Aksu, head of ITEO. You can threaten me. You sent two of my men to my office in Libadiye last year. That company is Turkey’s pride, a technology giant. It brings millions of dollars of investment to Turkey. It will be the first company to open on the New York Stock Exchange, and will fly the Turkish flag there.

Come on, you did that too, but you can’t threaten anyone’s family. You can’t cross that red line. Istanbul is a victim because of you. People can’t take their wife to the hospital for delivery because they can’t find a taxi. Children miss the ÖSS because they can’t find a taxi. We are creating an environmentalist, legal, economic, traffic-solving thing to cure this diseased system you have created. We are establishing a technological infrastructure so that people can carry souvenirs, and you are putting a stone to this too.

If it is up to you, people should not get in the car with their spouses and friends. This carpool event has existed abroad for years, even in the USA, you cannot drive alone in the left lane. You can switch to the left lane with two or three people in your car.

Also on Twitter or I hear, ‘The prosecutors in the courthouse do what we want, we get the decision we want’. You implicate people, prosecutors and judges. You’re not above justice, don’t do that.

My brother, a taxi worker, you drive in traffic 12 hours a day, seven days a week. You have no social security and no overtime. You’re ripping yourself off to earn minimum wage. This system is an unfair system. Know who the people who set up this system are. The labor is yours, but someone else is eating the bread. I’m right behind you. After this incident, let alone my career, I put my head on the solution, hodri challenge.

Seagull, TAG application ‘remember transport’ He states that the platform is free. On the other hand, taxi drivers state that this system will benefit pirate taxi drivers. However, complaints that taxis do not take passengers, especially in Istanbul, continue to increase.

Car sharing, which is so common in some countries, contributes to a significant reduction in air pollution, traffic congestion and the need for parking spaces. What do you think about the Martı TAG service and the discussions that set out for this purpose? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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