Marshall Introduces New Fully Wireless Headphones

Marshall, one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to music and sound, took advantage of the absence of AirPods 3 and introduced its new wireless headphones. It was noteworthy that the headphones were similar to the headphones in the AirPods series.

Apple’s long-awaited event has finally been held and iPhone 13 from his family new Apple Watch’Many products have been introduced so far. But perhaps one of the most anticipated products, AirPods 3 not introduced.

Marshall, who wants to turn this situation into an opportunity, at first glance. Marshall-themed AirPods and what appear to be AirPods Pro He introduced his headphones. It is not difficult to predict that Marshall’s headphones, which are known for their ambitious products in music, will be high-performance.

Leather-wrapped AirPods:

The first of two fully wireless (TWS) headphones introduced by Marshall, the Minor III resembles AirPods 2 in appearance. In a statement made by Marshall, Minor III’s “Enhanced bass, smooth mids and clean highsHe is said to have.

each earphone up to 5 hours It offers a lifetime of use and with the box this time to a total of 25 hours it can go up. The headset, which charges via USB Type-C, also supports wireless charging. Headphones with touch control also IPX4 It also has a water resistance certificate.

For those who want higher-end sound:

Motif ANC, which is said to have higher performance than Minor III, is ANC, as its name suggests. active noise canceling a headset with technology. In this headset, just like the Minor III, Apple’s popular headset What it has in common with AirPods Pro. In addition to active noise cancellation, the headset also has an adjustable equalizer, and these two features are thanks to an application to be installed on the phone. can be controlled.

Each earphone of Motif ANC to 4.5 hours It offers as much usage time and this time is total with the charge of the box. to 20 hours it can go up. Just like the Minor III, this headset also has USB Type-C and Wireless charging support available. The headset also has IPX 5 water resistance certification.


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Marshall Minor III currently $129 It is on sale with a price tag (1088 TL + taxes). If the motif is ANC $199 It is available for pre-order with a price of 1,678 TL + taxes. Users who pre-order will be able to get their headphones from September 30.

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