Markus K. Brunnermeier receives the Business Book Prize 2021

Markus K. Brunnermeier

Winner of this year’s business book award

Frankfurt For the book “The Resilient Society. How we can better cope with future crises ”, published by Aufbau Verlag, Markus K. Brunnermeier won the German Business Book Prize 2021. The jury selected the book from a shortlist of ten titles. The award was presented at a gala ceremony on Friday evening as part of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The prize money is 10,000 euros.

The jury, made up of high-ranking representatives from business and science, chose the book because it pioneered the topic of coping with the future and provides a well-founded contribution to the debate on one of the decisive questions of our time: How do societies manage to be more adaptable and flexible to future crises?

Brunnermeier’s work stands out from the previous corona analyzes. But, as the jury judged: “Markus Brunnermeier did not write a pure Corona book, but a guide for crises of all kinds. He offers many suggestions that the reader can take away, and that is also written well and understandably.”

It is a historical document that analyzes the various approaches to managing the corona crisis from the point of view of an economist and shows how the pandemic has changed the world and how we must take precautions for similar cases. And it also provides an analysis of the consequences that societies should draw from this in the event of major external disturbances.

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“Markus Brunnermeier not only describes the crisis, he also deals with possible solutions,” says Hans-Jürgen Jakobs, senior editor of the Handelsblatt and chairman of the jury. Resilience is currently “a big buzzword” in politics and business. Brunnermeier takes it as a reference point from which to develop a whole theory. Resilience is “the pole star that can serve as orientation when designing a post-corona society”, is Brunnermeier’s core thesis. He is one of the most renowned German economists and teaches at Princeton University in the USA.

Markus Brunnermeier: The resilient society. How we can better cope with future crises.
Structure of the publishing house
Berlin 2021
336 pages
24 euros

Bill Gates’ book wins the special award

For the second time, the jury is also awarding a special prize for the “Entrepreneur Book of the Year”. It goes to “How we prevent the climate catastrophe: What solutions are there and what progress is necessary” by Bill Gates, published by Piper Verlag.

“Bill Gates, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, is tackling one of the most important problems of our time, very solution-oriented, broken down into examples and therefore very generally understandable,” said the jury. For Gates, the key to successfully fighting climate change is “making clean energy as cheap and reliable as what we get now from fossil fuels.”

Bill Gates: How we can prevent the climate catastrophe.
Piper Publishing House
Munich 2021
316 pages
22 euros

According to the author’s analysis, only a radical restructuring of the energy industry and numerous and courageous innovations could save us from the catastrophe the world is headed towards. His book is a guide to countermeasures that sparked debate.

The German Business Book Prize is awarded by the Handelsblatt, the Frankfurt Book Fair and the investment bank Goldman Sachs, which donates the prize money. With the award, the partners want to underline the importance of the business book in conveying economic relationships and make a contribution to economic education in society. The motto of the award is therefore “Understanding the Economy”. It has now been awarded for the 15th time in Frankfurt.

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