María Mendiola is dead: Baccarat singer (“Yes Sir, I Can Boogie”) died at the age of 69 – music

Mourning for one of the most successful singers of the 1970s and 1980s: María Mendiola, part of the Spanish disco duo Baccara, died at the age of 69. This was announced by her former band colleague Cristina Sevilla on Instagram.

She wrote about a photo of Mendiola: “My dear Maria, a wonderful artist, but above all my friend, has passed away today.”

Mendiola, however, was one of two founding members: Together with Mayte Mateos, she mixed up the dance floors all over the world from 1977. After the two flamenco dancers were discovered in a club on Fuerteventura, the record label RCA Records immediately wrote them a world hit: “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” topped the charts in 18 countries and brought them record sales in Germany.

This is how the debut album was also a great success; In 1978 the track “Sorry I’m A Lady” also shot into the top 10.

María Mendiola (r.) And Mayte Mateo celebrated world successes with baccaratPhoto: picture alliance / Keystone

In the mid-1980s, however, the break came: Mendiola and Mateo went their separate ways, but continued the Baccara project with new line-ups (Baccara and New Baccara).

Mendiola started her new edition first with the singer Marisa Pérez and delivered more hits with songs like “Touch Me”, “Fantasy Boy” and “Call Me Up”. After Pérez was diagnosed with arthritis in 2008, she was finally replaced by Cristina Sevilla, who mourned on Saturday: “Dear Maria, I have no words. I can only say what I have said so often: I love you. “