Mainz 05 makes ex-professional Niko Bungert (35) a club ambassador! – Bundesliga

Now Mainz 05 also has its ambassador!

And they could hardly have found a better one.

166 Bundesliga games for 05, long captain, always role model, always personable: Now Niko Bungert (35) is the first “club ambassador” of the 05er!

After having just completed a trainee program through various departments of the club, the ex-professional decided to do this job because of the good work done by sports director Christian Heidel (58) and coach Bo Svensson (42) and their teams. Bungert: “We have certainly experienced difficult times in the past few years, but now I can feel that old spirit again. I want to help to maintain this character, to drive this positive development forward and to transport it even more strongly to the outside world. “

So that’s what he’s doing now as a permanently employed 05 ambassador with a broad field of activity. He also sees “great potential to develop new ideas and projects together with the departments”. What exactly does he have in mind? Bungert: “I would like to say something about this when it is really ready to say.”

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