Macron camp clearly misses absolute majority in parliamentary elections

Emmanuel Macron

Until the very end, it was unclear whether the “Ensemble” alliance would achieve an absolute majority.

(Photo: Reuters)

Paris In the decisive second round of the parliamentary elections in France, according to an initial forecast, President Emmanuel Macron’s camp lost the absolute majority of seats in parliament. This should make it more difficult for Macron to implement his reform plans.

According to the Inop Institute, Macron’s “Ensemble” alliance is likely to have 210 to 250 seats in the new National Assembly, it said on Sunday evening. 289 are required for an absolute majority. According to Ifop, the left-wing alliance Nupes around Jean-Luc Melenchon can hope for 150 to 180 seats, the extreme right around Marine Le Pen for 80 to 100.

Until recently, polls had been open as to whether the alliance of Macron, who was re-elected in April, would again achieve an absolute majority. If this ensemble does not succeed in triggering a power-sharing between the parties that has never been seen in France in recent decades, there is a risk of a political stalemate, which could lead to more difficult processes, for example with reform projects or new elections.

More to come.

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