Mackolik IPO: Here’s the Market Cap

Mackolik, the meeting point of football fans, known for giving live match scores faster than live broadcasts, was offered to the public. The company had great success in its initial public offering.

Mackolik, where football fans can get all the information about the football world live, was opened to the public today. Mackolik Internet Services Trade Inc. in the public offering of the company A total of 8.5 million shares were sold at 38 TL each.

In the statement submitted to the Public Disclosure Platform, it was stated that 39 of the shares offered to the public were distributed to domestic individual, 40% to domestic corporate, 20% to foreign corporate and 1% to company employees.

The size of the public offering is 323 million TL:

Mackolik, with 8.5 million shares sold at 38 TL 323 million TL reached size. In addition, it was stated that there were no investors who bought more than 5% of the public offering.

Mackolik Internet Services Trade Inc. The demand for the public offering of the shares was collected between 19-20 January 2023.

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