MacBook Pro with M1 Max processor is challenging PS5!

apple, new MacBook Pro at the event where he introduced his models M1 Max presented its processor to the world of technology for the first time. The test results of the processor, which draws attention with its higher performance than the M1 Pro chipset, are starting to emerge.

appleThe new generation processors, which reveal the power that . . However, this is not the crux of the matter. catching point, M1 Max in terms of processor performance. PS5Learning that you are stronger than .

Turkey prices of the new MacBook Pro and AirPods have been announced!

Apple has announced new versions of MacBook Pro and AirPods models. Turkey prices of highly anticipated devices have been announced.

MacBook Pro surpasses PS5

According to recent reports PS5 game console, M1 Max with processor MacBook Pro behind the model in terms of performance. While the results fell like a bombshell in the world of technology, this is not exactly a development that benefits the players. For applefor real performance, albeit better on the processor side PS5of almost 4 to 5 times you need to pay money.

M1 Max MacBook Pro

The strongest model 16-inch 32-core MacBook Pro model, full 10.4 teraflops while having its value, which is many times cheaper than it PS5, 10.28 teraflops meets its users. with this SSD In terms of terms, Apple has managed to get ahead of the game console. Company, MacBook Pro reading speed per second 7.4GB the one which SSDIt gives place to. Sony of the façade PS5placed in SSDReading speed of ‘s per second 5.5GB.

So, are these numbers enough for the game?

Although things look good on paper, they may not be the same in reality. PS5The company, which has managed to make a strong console from , may still not be able to attract players. Because even if you want to meet the financial burden, you can stay without a game. Although their numbers have increased recently, most of them are popular. PC and PS5 game macOS does not work on Especially AAA It is also very difficult to include games in the system.

M1 Max MacBook Pro

Intel‘of M1 After the processor was announced, Apple, which he denounced with the advertisements, showed what he could do about the game, at least. The company welcomed its users with a device with a strong gaming potential, albeit expensive.

So you guys apple‘of MacBook Pro How did you find the improvements it made for it? Do you think the company will be able to channel more into the game world in the future? Do not forget to share your views with us.

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