‘Lyrics’ Feature Coming to Spotify

Spotify introduced the ‘lyrics’ feature that makes you say ‘why didn’t this happen until now’. The feature has been made available to all users around the world.

Spotify, one of the most used online music listening platforms worldwide, has recently new updates and features working on it. Talking about the innovation it brought to playlists in the past months, Spotify is now here with a new feature that everyone can enjoy.

The new feature that Spotify announced in a blog post published today ‘Lyrics’. Now both premium users and all users who use the platform for free will be able to see the lyrics of the songs they listen to.

The feature will be available on all devices:

According to the information in the blog post where Spotify shared the innovation, this feature on mobile, desktop and TV will be able to use. Besides all smartphones and Android TVs, the feature will also be available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and XBox One.


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The feature is now available worldwide. If you’re wondering what this new feature looks like, the bottom pops up on the playback screen while listening to a song on Spotify. Swipe up on ‘Lyrics’ You can see the lyrics, if you wish, you can use the lyrics as full screen by clicking on them.

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