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We have compiled some songs that would not survive the frightening lynching culture of social media if they were released today, and that are likely to get a lot of reaction with their words!

Especially with the strengthening of social media, the sensitivity that develops on some issues, from songs to movies and TV series. lynching a lot of ‘content’, caused him to be hit from the ground to the ground, it happens. While we know how effective the use of language is on established cultural and social problems, it is certainly true that it is sometimes exaggerated…

The songs that we think would be lynched by at least one group if they were released today, are only available on this subject. to show how much our perception has changed in a few years and for some fun we compiled.

Here are those songs that have almost no chance of escaping lynching if they were released today;

“I told you to kiss, don’t trip!”: Athena – The Kiss

Even though he started by saying “Sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you / I just wanted to kiss you on the lips” and showed good intentions, he suddenly said “I said I’m going to kiss you” and on top of that. and saying don’t tripUnfortunately, it puts the song in trouble…

”You will hide and bury it so that no one else will love you”: Manga – You Will Draw a Woman

One of our favorites at the time it was released with its clip, lyrics and music, You Will Draw a Woman, although it is a kind of metaphor if it is published today, you will definitely hide it and bury it. it feels a bit lynched…

”Men don’t cry, wipe your tears”: Nilüfer & Şebnem Ferah – Men Don’t Cry

Ms. Sebnem and Ms. Nilüfer, unfortunately, with the expression ‘men don’t cry’, which also gave its name to this song. supporting gender roles and they have an attitude that puts psychological pressure on men… So today’s social media has the material to dress the song a little bit.

“Is your man so coquettish, are you a boy or a girl?”: Sezen Aksu – They Eat You

If our little sparrow released his song with these words today, unfortunately, the one who loves him large part of the mass would have faced it…

“There is no man like a man, where is my mother, or he will not come across us!”: Lara – Man Like Man

This song, which managed to become popular at the time of its release, unfortunately, because it includes an expression such as ‘like a man’. it was definitely lynched.

“Maybe that’s why I got shot, I couldn’t be your owner. Would you fit into your manhood, you spoiled, has this world changed?”: Tarkan – Spoiled

Unfortunately, if Tarkan, the indestructible stronghold of Turkish pop, released his spoiled song now, he would be hit. If I catch you, muck muck, Mr. Tarkan? They’re cruel, they’re lynching…

“I’m not looking for a husband like magazine-made, rose branched motors, my son. Why these songs?”: Özlem Tekin – I Pierced the Mountains

This song of Özlem Tekin, which seems to emphasize being a strong and free woman, unfortunately, on the other hand, is accompanied by expressions such as “I am not looking for a husband like a rose-branched engine”. He makes the god of sexism and misogyny… Do future lynching comments on Twitter pass before our eyes?

”I have a 90-60-90 body, I have an endless taste”: İsmail YK –

This precious work is in today’s standards, in a consistency that can be captured from wherever it is. But it was so popular when it came out. He succeeded in catching everyone’s tongue, from children to young people. If it were released today and we heard it for the first time, all it would see would be a huge avalanche of reaction, not interest.

”She eats flour on the roof, chubby breasts”: İbrahim Tatlıses – Eats Flour on the Roof

I mean, this song about peeping a woman’s breast has nothing to do with it, but it’s timely. We all accompanied this song by saying ‘hehehehe’ In the evenings, in ‘fun’ TV shows or at weddings… If it were now, İbrahim Tatlıses would be lynched…

”Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere, where do hot girls go?”: Chin Girls – Hot Girls

Çıtır Kızlar, Turkey’s third female-only music group,We formed a women-only group in difficult times.Even though they could soften the effect a little by saying ” or something, they would definitely be lynched with these lyrics…

BONUSES: Let’s also agree that there are songs that deserve to be lynched;

Just to make a premium make a song like this Congratulations again to Ms. Yonca, who messed it up by showing that she didn’t understand the subject at all…

Unfortunately, children are an object of desire in many folk music works, to which we can add countless examples.

Turkish Folk Music’s tally on this subject is quite crowded. Unfortunately, in many folk songs and songs ”He just turned 13, 14 years old. Edali, flamboyant peasant beauty’‘ and there is a world like saying. Moreover, these songs are like this from time to time. with absurd examples re-voiced…


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