Lufthansa examines new company headquarters – possible departure from Cologne

Lufthansa jet in Munich

The ties between the company and the airport are close.

(Photo: dpa)

Frankfurt The Lufthansa management is currently examining a possible relocation of the company headquarters. A spokesman for the group confirmed a report by the media service “The Pioneer” on Friday. Deutsche Lufthansa AG is legally registered in Cologne. But there is still no preliminary decision, the considerations are at a very early stage, the spokesman said.

Where Lufthansa as a stock corporation could have its headquarters in the future is an open question. One thing is certain: a new headquarters would not have a major impact on the management structure of the company. Europe’s largest airline group has been operationally managed from Frankfurt for many years.

In principle, Frankfurt would be a good company headquarters, where the group board has its offices. However, Munich is also mentioned in Lufthansa circles. “The Pioneer” also mentions the Bavarian state capital. There is no confirmation for this yet.

Munich has good chances as a Lufthansa seat

The fact that Lufthansa and the airport there have a close relationship speaks for Munich. Terminal 2, which opened in 2003, was built jointly by the group and the airport operator. Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr, on the other hand, has been struggling with Frankfurt Airport for years because there are always operational problems.

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In addition, Munich was mentioned as a possible location even before the corona pandemic in the course of a corporate restructuring. The Executive Board and Supervisory Board wanted to convert Lufthansa into a holding company. The core brand Lufthansa German Airlines should be separated from the group and given more independence. All airlines in the group and subsidiaries such as Lufthansa Technik, LSG and Lufthansa Airplus would have been placed under the holding company.

Lufthansa logo at Cologne Bonn Airport

In principle, Frankfurt would be a good place to do business.

(Photo: imago images/Future Image)

At the time it was speculated that the holding company could go to Munich and that the core Lufthansa German Airlines brand would remain in Frankfurt. In the meantime, however, the conversion has been canceled due to the enormous complexity.

As the legal seat of Lufthansa, Cologne is not up for grabs for the first time. The airline has been legally based there since April 1, 1955 – the day the company started flight operations. But over the years, the location has steadily lost importance.

In 2006, the company moved into the new Frankfurt headquarters, the “Lufthansa Aviation Center” at the airport. Even then, the management made no secret of the fact that there were considerations for a new group headquarters. However, no decision was ever made, but in fact hardly anything is happening in the cathedral city. Only a few administrative employees work there.

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