“Love Island”: That’s why the crowd favorite Lisa had to move out! – TV

“Love Island” sinks into the sea of ​​tears …

Of all people, public favorite Lisa (23) had to pack her bags quite surprisingly. A message that broke all dams among the residents. What nobody suspected, however: A very special surprise was waiting for the blonde after her lightning move.

The flirting paradise was caught freezing by the bad news. A message to Lisa said briefly: “The audience voted: You have to leave the villa now.” Afterwards, there was collective horror among the Islanders. Fitness coach Dennis (22) believed: “This is a joke.” Ex-Bachelorette Andrina (28) sobbed desperately: “I don’t want you to go.”

Martin comforts Andrina, who is sad about Lisa’s departurePhoto: RTLZWEI, ITV Studios Germany

Especially Lisa’s crush Dominik (25) was hit hard. Although he had let the woman from Bremen be flashed several times, he had grown fond of her as a friend. The business administration student therefore believed he was jointly responsible for moving out. Dominik tearfully: “It doesn’t feel that cool. There are still many questions unanswered. “

Lisa herself tried to take the decision with composure. But she too was in shock. Only after saying goodbye did she find her way back to her old form. “I am very confident that I will still find the love of my life,” said Lisa bravely.

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Then her speech was interrupted by a new message that made her shine in no time. In it she was told: “You have to leave the villa, but not ‘Love Island’. A surprise is waiting for you in the private suite. ”The candidate was off her socks.

In the couple ranking, it was decided which couple has the least chance of a relationship

In the couple ranking, it was decided which couple has the least chance of a relationshipPhoto: RTLZWEI / ITV Studios Germany

A mysterious backpack on the double bed of the love cave raised new questions. Lisa puzzled: “What does that mean? Am I going on a hiking tour or what’s going on here? ”In a third message, the island girl finally found out that she had chosen the TV viewers via app to meet three new potential dream men. Lisa grinned happily: “Three!”

The boys introduced themselves by voice message and Lisa cheered: “Three birds with one swatter.” The boys and girls in the villa did not hear about the new development. You should send the couple with the least potential for a serious relationship off the island at the end of the day.

It met Selina (23) and Kinan (24). For both of them, the “Love Island” adventure is really over.

For Lisa, it may just be the beginning …