L’Oréal’s Inspirational Origin Story

Founded by Eugène Schueller, L’Oréal is one of the largest companies in the cosmetics industry. The company has a very different and inspiring founding story. Today we will tell you about this story.

Schueller was the son of a Parisian patisserie family. A highly successful student, Schueller graduated from the chemistry department in 1904. graduated first. The young man, who worked as a laboratory assistant at the company called Sorbonne, was not very satisfied with his job. Because he did not want to work under the orders of others.

After a while, an opportunity appeared in front of him, just as he wanted. The owner of a large hairdresser’s shop visited Schueller to seek help with synthetic hair dyes. At the time, hair dyes contained toxic substances and heavy lead. scalp was irritated. That’s why French women didn’t dye their hair regularly.

Using his intelligence and creativity, the young man began to take steps for the founding of L’Oréal.

Desiring to take advantage of this opportunity, Schueller resigned from the company. A small rental he rented in Paris. turning the kitchen of the house into a laboratory He began experimenting with hair dyes. After days of trial and error, he obtained a successful formula in 1909.

Schueller did not want to work with one hairdresser. In order to further increase the number of customers, it has produced hair dyes at home. vials He started to visit other hairdressers in the city every day and sell his products using various tactics.

The young man, whose business was going well, founded the French Harmless Hair Color Company with the money he had saved in two years.

L'Oreal company

She soon changed her company’s name to the popular hairstyle of the time. from ‘Aureale’ inspired by L’Oréal changed to. Schueller’s goal was bigger. He wanted his company to have a say in everything from skin care to makeup, not just hair dye.

Things were going well, but in those days, women didn’t dye their hair often, so the brand’s Trustworthy He had to let the women know. Thinking about what to do, Schueller had a great idea.

At that time, there was a very popular magazine in every women’s hairdresser.

L'Oreal advertisement

Schueller, ‘La Coiffure de Paris’ She started to give information about hair dyes and dyeing techniques to women by using the magazine called. Schueller, who wrote articles as a chemist, was slowly reaching his goal.

After each article he wrote, his sales began to increase even more. The young chemist, who earned a good income in a short time, bought the magazine and secretly continued to praise his own products.

Wanting to grow even more, Schueller realized that he had to be on good terms with hairdressers in order for the hair dyes he produced to sell more and be known.

Schueller experiment

For this in the city Special offers for hairdressers started editing. Thus, in a short time, most of the hairdressers began to recommend L’Oréal products to their customers.

russian hairdresser

Schueller, who wants his brand to be known all over France, has a place in the most beautiful place in Paris. hair coloring academy opened. A competent hairdresser, who had worked in the palace of the Russian tsar at the time, was appointed as the head of the academy.

Hundreds of hairdressers from all over France were learning all the intricacies of hair coloring at this school. Also L’Oréal best hair dye brand They were announcing it to everyone.

Another opportunity arose for Schueller, who was lucky along with his intelligence. Because in the 1920s, women all over the world started to become more active in business life.


This was very important for the L’Oréal brand. Because it is already the best quality, well-known brand in France in the hair dye market. around the world product has been exported. Schueller, who passed away in 1957, left behind a huge empire and a great success story.

Liliane Schueller

Schueller, science and R&D studies attached great importance. L’Oreal has been working with the most modern devices since its inception and has a huge research institute. This is one of the biggest reasons why the company is so successful.

That’s how L’Oréal, one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies, was born.


replaced by Schueller daughter Liliane took. Continuing to expand the company after her father, Liliane added giant brands such as Garnier and Maybelline to L’Oréal. Today, 34% of the company To the Bettencourt family, the grandson of Schueller, 24% owned by Nestle and 22% by institutional investors. The remaining 20% ​​belongs to French institutional investors, individual investors and employees.

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