Long Awaited New Airdrop Coming? Explanation Received, Warning Made!

a popular cryptocurrency wallet application MetaMask has denied airdrop claims circulating in the market.

Allegedly, MetaMask would hold some kind of snapshot or airdrop event on March 31.

MetaMask Warns Users of Scams and Denies Airdrop Allegations

The Wallet app released a tweet today warning its users of false rumors circulating on social media, creating opportunities for scammers and phishers:

“A snapshot, airdrop, etc. of a MetaMask on March 31st. There are quite a few false rumors floating around about it.

These rumors are not only false, but also dangerous. They create opportunities for scammers and phishers.

Please be wary of fake sites in the coming days.”

Although MetaMask has not officially announced any details about the token airdrop, some users have claimed that it could happen on March 31.

Some crypto websites have also published guides on how to qualify for potential airdrops using various features of MetaMask such as token swapping, bridging networks, staking Ethereum, buying ENS domains and creating multi-sig wallets. However, these guides have not been verified by MetaMask and may not guarantee eligibility for the airdrop.

Especially on Twitter, there is a lot of fraudulent content about the airdrop of MetaMask. Users should be especially wary of these and not click on any airdrop links until an official statement is published.

*Not investment advice.

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