Logitech Introduces New Steering Wheel Set G PRO Racing Wheel

Logitech introduced the G PRO Racing Wheel, the first ‘direct drive’ wheel that will open a new page in the simulation world.

Logitech G, the gaming brand of Logitech, one of the world’s most popular peripheral manufacturers, is a brand new gaming wheel. G PRO Racing Wheel introduced. The steering wheel set, which will attract simulation and racing enthusiasts in particular, has become Logitech’s ‘first’ model in this sector in a sense.

Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel, unlike previous Logitech wheels to ‘direct drive’ technology gives place. With this feature, the brand’s new model will compete with the models of manufacturers such as Fanatec in the steering world.

It will offer much more power than its competitors:

According to the details shared by Logitech, the new G PRO Racing Wheel steering wheel, thanks to the direct drive feature up to 11 newton meters able to provide a response. Thanks to this high power, the players will be able to feel the reaction and movement of their vehicles at a much higher level and the driving experience will be carried to the next level. Of course, we have a warning to those who will use this power at full capacity: Take your hands off the steering wheel when you have an accident.

logitech g pro racing wheels

The pedals of the new steering wheel will have a feature that has not been seen before. Players can adjust the spacing between pedals according to their driving preferences. by sliding the pedals can change. However, the hardness of all three pedals can be adjusted as desired.

logitech g pro racing wheels

On the other hand, as with rival high-end steering wheel manufacturers, Logitech also has the steering wheel and pedal in its new professional model. will be sold separately. steering wheel only 999 dollarspedal setup, which includes clutch, brake and accelerator pedals. from $349 will be on sale. The price of the product in Turkey and when it will be available in Turkey has not been announced yet. Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel will be available this month abroad.


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