Local Mobile Game Company Rollic Acquires Popcore

Domestic mobile game company Rollic bought Popcore, one of Germany’s largest mobile game developers. The value of the purchase has not yet been disclosed.

One of Turkey’s leading mobile game companies Rollicwas acquired by Zynga in August 2020. The company later moved under a different roof when Take-Two Interactive bought Zynga last June. Today, new news came from the game company.

Rollic, Germany-based independent mobile game studio You bought Popcore explained. The company did not share the out-of-pocket budget to incorporate Popcore.

“We will be able to create long-term interaction options”

Rollic Co-Founder and CEO Burak Vardal stated that they are happy to see Popcore among them. Vardal, by using the technology and designs developed by his own teams with the participation of Popcore in the family, that they can create long-term interaction options expressed.

Popcore has released games such as Parking Jam 3D, Pull the Pin, Sandwich!, Play Time and Wrecking Ball to date. Over 500 million downloads managed to reach. Developed games have been downloaded in more than 30 countries.

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