Litigation Between Apple and Epic Couldn’t Answer One Question

We have shared with you that the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games, which has been going on for about 1 year, has been concluded and that Epic Games has won a decisive victory. Now we are here with a remarkable situation in the court. During the last court case in question, “What is a video game?” The answer to the question was not given.

Epic Games and apple We have conveyed to you the litigation process between the The conflict between the two companies arising from the excess of the commission amount ended with the decision of the court. In this context, Epic Games became the definitive winner of the lawsuit process that has been going on for 1 year.

on Apple stock price declines seen. An interesting situation came to the fore during the lawsuit that resulted in the victory of Epic Games. in court”What is a video game?The answer to the question remained in the air. Let’s take a closer look at the statements of the judge, who made a rather vague statement at first, which later became somewhat clearer.

It is normal to not be able to make a certain definition in the face of the game world branching out in different directions:

california judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogershad opened the case with the definition of the video game. Saying that at the lowest level, video games require some interaction, Rogers said, ‘at a certain level command or choice offering and giving those choices to the player. reflecting games‘ as a video game. It was also stated that there is a wide range of games that differ from passive entertainment areas such as TV series, movies and music in terms of being interactive.

In addition, Rogers, who was the main focus of the case, That Fortnite is a video game He said they agreed, and therefore the definition of the term in question was not that important to the case.


When things are already messy ‘be interactive‘ issue brought Netflix into the business as well. Bandersnatch It is still being debated whether the platform, which contains interactive content such as, can be counted as a video game store.


Will Epic’s Massive Win Against Apple Bring Fortnite Back to iOS?

If Epic can prove that Netflix is ​​a video game store, Netflix will also have its fair share of the lawsuit. If he can’t, the judge’s decision on the App Store probably won’t affect Netflix.