Like 10 years ago against Frankfurt: Männel believes in a cup sensation | Sports

Like 10 years ago against Frankfurt |

Aues Männel believes in a cup sensation

“This game lands in the top 10 of my career. Because this special and special thing that the DFB Cup entails, everything was offered in this game.

Almost ten years later, Aue goalkeeper Martin Männel (34) is still enthusiastic. On August 19, 2012, FC Erzgebirge caused a big surprise in the first round. First division club Eintracht Frankfurt was knocked out of the DFB Cup 3-0.

Männel still remembers the heated battle well: “We always worked disgustingly against the ball and played forward with conviction. That hurt the people of Frankfurt.”

Curious: Männel even initiated the second goal himself. “I played a long ball to Guido Kocer, who then crossed it to Jakub Sylvestr. He only had to push in to make it 2-0.”

Männel will miss Sunday (6 p.m.) against first division team Mainz due to a lack of training. What advice does he give to the team? “If we act with unity, bite and conviction, we can make things difficult for the big stars. As long as we’re cold-blooded in front of goal, anything is possible that day.”

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Nazarov before return

Cup opponent Mainz 05, shut up, the fourth!

Aue and 1. FSV Mainz 05 have played each other three times in the DFB Cup. The winner was Mainz in 2002 (1:2 aet), 2013 (0:2/A) and 2019 (1:3).

Will FCE have their first win against FSV on Sunday?

Offensive player Dimitrij Nazarov (32), who is available again after a flu infection, says: “We hope that the stadium will be full. Mainz is a really cool Bundesliga team. We’re dying to play. We have to be uncomfortable and believe in ourselves.”

The FCE pros hope for fan support. Almost 7,000 tickets for the cup cracker were sold by Friday.

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