Let’s Get to Know the Legend of Turkish Music Aysel Gürel

We will get to know Aysel Gürel, who is one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to songwriting in Turkish music. Who is Aysel Gürel, the lyricist of the legendary songs from Ünzile to Firuze, and what kind of life she had, let’s get to know this woman closely.

You can be a singer, actor, songwriter, director and more, but Being an artist is something very different.. Just because a person is a singer does not mean they are an artist. Especially the songs released in recent years and the people who sing these songs prove how true this sentence is. with you today We will get to know Aysel Gürel, one of the greatest artists Turkey has produced, more closely.

Our young friends may not even remember Aysel Gürel, who radically changed the history of Turkish music and left unforgettable traces, especially with her songwriting. This special person, who passed away in 2008, left us such beautiful things that even if you do not know his name, you must have heard his words many times before. Legendary songwriter Gürel, who wrote lyrics for singers such as Sezen Aksu, Ajda Pekkan, Nükhet Duru, Zerrin Özer, Nilüfer, He is also a famous actor of Yeşilçam cinema. She is also the mother of Müjde Ar and Mehtap Ar.

Let’s talk about some of the songs that are not forgotten even today, before blending Aysel Gürel’s life with the songs she wrote. Among these songs Firuze, Sevda, Ünzile immortal parts.

Genius woman of Turkish music: Who is this Aysel Gürel?

Aysel Gurel

One of the few names that shape Turkish music. Aysel GurelHe opened his eyes on February 7, 1929 in Istanbul. Gürel, who is the daughter of midwife Kamile Kezban and judge Ali Rıza Bey, completed her primary and secondary education in Trabzon due to her father’s appointment. Gürel, who won the Istanbul University Faculty of Letters Art History Department after her adventure in Erenköy Girls’ High School, continued from here. He graduated as a literature teacher.

The young girl who grew up in a modern or modern family listening to classical music and reading books, as a result of the events she lived and saw. She would become one of Turkey’s biggest women’s rights defenders. In reference to the Ünzile song, which gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it years later.I started crawling in a huge library. However, I saw that what is told in the books and what is told in the neighborhood are not alike. That’s what Ünzile is. He is afraid to go to the last fence of the village because he believes the world ends there.“He made up his sentences.

A genius pretending to be crazy

Aysel Gurel

Even in these days when we live in 2021, we continue to see cruel things done to women. Apart from these cruel things, unfortunately, women are still judged more than men. Realizing this years ago, Aysel Gürel stood out with her colorful personality in television programs. everyone to him He was saying crazy Aysel, but he wasn’t crazy. He had chosen to “be crazy” just to freely do and say whatever he wanted to do. This legendary woman, who penetrated us all by pretending to be crazy, was a name that was intertwined with music until the last moment of her life.

Aysel Gürel has a story about her decision to become crazy. in his interviewWe grew up in a province with a population of 33 thousand. There was a crone culture where I was as a child. This culture surrounds the whole city. All kinds of stories are made up about young girls and boys who have just grown up. The photographer’s daughter is taken to the hospital, her appendix is ​​removed. That crone culture epic writes: The girl got pregnant, she had abortion. Since I read a lot, I thought how to get rid of this. I said if I pretended to be crazy, I would be saved. had made a statement.

Marriage and relationship with children

Aysel Gurel, Mujde Ar, Mehtap Ar

Aysel Gürel was one of the people who lived at the peak of life. Gürel, who married journalist Vedat Akın, whom he met at the university, had made the marriage proposal himself in a very strange way. Gürel, for this offer later “I guess I thought, influenced by my peers getting married and having children, it was time for me to procreate.“He made the statement. From this marriage Gürel, who has two children named Müjde and Mehtap, She fought hard to educate her two children.

Aysel Gürel’s marriage ended when she was still pregnant with her second daughter. So this woman who chose to be crazy gave her 2 daughters He had to look alone. Gürel, who learned that Vedat Akın was cheating on him, had definitely ended the marriage.

Gürel, who started to have financial difficulties after the end of her marriage, entered a process where she was even forced to give her two daughters food and bread. He always paid attention to his education.

70’s music legend is born

Aysel Gürel also has acting experience, but her most successful point was songwriting. Gürel, who kept this talent in himself for a long time, In 1973, he started to make a sound with the song Deli Balım.. Gürel’s biggest debut was in 1977 and it is still popular. It happened with the song “Firefly”. These songs also made Aysel Gürel’s name to be heard gradually. Of course, the biggest breakout period was yet to come.

The 80s are different: Sezen Aksu, Nükhet Duru and more…

Aysel Gurel, Sezen Aksu

Ah, those 80’s. Those special times when the songs really make sense. Periods when Aysel Gürel and her surroundings were active. Although she doesn’t believe in love, this special woman who wrote Turkey’s most loving songs, He wrote more than 20,000 songs.

Aysel Gürel, who started writing lyrics in the 70s and managed to present us with a few successful songs, By the 80s, he almost stepped on the gas. Working with many names, especially Sezen Aksu, Gürel managed to present countless works that are engraved in everyone’s memory even today.

Aysel with Songs

Now that we know Aysel Gürel, it’s time to get to know the legendary songs this unique woman presented to us. Gürel, who wrote his songs by being influenced by the events around him, “Turquoise” He gave his daughter one of the most special gifts in the world with his song. Aysel Gürel wrote the song Firuze, which was sung by Sezen Aksu and later, for the Yeşilçam actress Müjde Ar.

Aysel Gürel, who has written countless songs of all genres, has a song that stands out even among the legendary songs. Yeah, ÜnzileWe’re talking about. This special song written by Aysel Gürel and performed by Sezen Aksu, It is written about a girl named Ünzile, whom Gürel met while taking a break in a village while on tour in Anatolia. Imagine that you are the girl who was arranged by her parents when she was only 8 years old. Moreover, as it was written by Gürel, he was married in exchange for only a few sheep.

Gürel, who was influenced by the life of Ünzile, who got married at the age of 8 and became a mother at the age of 12, and wrote this legendary song, presented one of the most striking songs written on the abuse of women and children. “Crazy” Aysel, who stood against the injustices done to women all her life, brought us Ünzile, which we wish we had never heard of but never listened to.

This special woman, who wrote only my reproach, Sevda, Love Again, Last Hit of Love, Neither My Struggle, Ne Sevdam and many more love songs, As with Ünzile, he also wrote songs focusing on different subjects. One of them is legendary with the interpretation of Sezen Aksu. Last look it was the song. Written on a photograph taken by Savaş Ay of Erdal Eren, who was executed when he was only 17 years old, the song “Son Look” is among the songs that make Aysel Gürel special.

The relationship between Aysel Gürel and Nükhet Duru

Turkey; Aysel Gurel, Sezen Aksu, Onno Tunc He is very lucky to have the trio, but Gürel did not only work with Aksu. Gürel, who wrote songs for countless names, also wrote a song like Sevda for Nükhet Duru. Duru, who imprisoned Gürel at home to write Sevda, said the following in an interview about the release of this legendary song:

“Aysel was the exact equivalent of the word ‘exclusive’. She wrote the lyrics for my song ‘Sevda’. But no one could capture Aysel at that time. Atilla composed the composition, we are waiting for Aysel to write lyrics. I called Sezen to see what to do. Sezen said, ‘Al home. He said, ‘Shut up, lock everything, then it will have to be written, otherwise it’s not possible, as soon as it says, I’ll lock it up at home.’ So I called Aysel home.

“The two of them fell in love with each other, the words are not written. They tell fortunes, they make jokes. Aysel, I say, ‘Atilla, he is waiting for the words, let’s write Sevda now” To my mother, ‘Leave Aysel alone, take a nap, Atilla words I said. Aysel turned to me and wrote another song for my mother, saying, ‘The project has changed, sweetie.’ She wrote ‘You’re Beautiful, Beautiful’.” Gürel, who later wrote Sevda at once with the urging of Nükhet Duru, brought another legendary song to the music world.

Aysel Gürel’s death and endless songs

Aysel Gurel, Nilufer, Sezen Aksu


Who is Aysel Gürel, Who is Google’s Doodle?

Countless songs in his life Aysel Gürel passed away on February 17, 2008. Gürel, who had lung cancer, wrote nearly 30 lyrics even in his sickbed. Müjde Ar said that they collected lyrics from her house in sacks after Aysel Gürel’s death, and said in an interview that after the tenants came to the house, the tenants found a piece of paper and sent it to Tarkan. “Last Beat of love” He said it was a hit song. Aysel Gurel with this song 3 years after his death, he won the “Best Lyric” award at the 2011 Best Music Awards. Müjde Ar received the award disguised as her mother.

Are legends forgotten?

Aysel Gürel, whom we lost in 2008, became the legend of the Turkish music industry. After the 80’s, the 90’s “Let’s See” from Sezen Aksu’s album Smile 1991 Gürel, who made his debut with his song, was also one of the pioneers of the change in 90’s pop songs.

Aysel Gurel

In this content, we got to know Aysel Gürel better and learned about the legend behind the songs we listen to all the time. There are many names that have left their mark in the Turkish music industry, such as Aysel Gürel. You can share the names you want to know better in the comments section.

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