Legends we want back like Winamp

Winamp and many similar applications that entered our lives in the 2000s have a special place for users. With the quota and low-speed ADSL in our homes, in this period when we are just starting to get to know the internet world, remembering these platforms that helped us in many ways adds a nice atmosphere of nostalgia.

Of course, after the news that Winamp will be released again, the old users of the application were quite excited. Many people think that other applications that they used in the past should be updated in a similar way and enter our lives. Although some of them have turned into other applications, it is hoped that others will pass through this door opened with Winamp.

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A new era begins for Winamp

Winamp, which entered our lives in the 20th century, had become the indispensable music player of our personal computers. But the practice, which could not keep up with the new century, slowly became an old memory that was forgotten on the shelf. According to the latest news, he plans to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. But it may not appear as expected.


The original application, which lost its popularity, received its last update in 2013 with the version v5.666.3516. In late 2018, the incomplete version 5.8 was leaked. Then Radionomy (now known as Shoutcast) made it public. In the next period, although more updates were promised, the application remained as it is.

In the version where Winamp will be included in our lives again, it is expected to come to the fore with its similarities to Spotify. In this way, he will be able to return by adapting to today’s conditions. It is thought to include a variety of music, podcasts, radio stations and audiobooks as content.

MSN Messenger

Although the proliferation of personal computers at home in our country is a bit delayed compared to abroad, we managed to close the gap in the 2000s. You can think of the popular messaging application MSN as WhatsApp in the conditions of that day.

Winamp MSN

Of course, what actually made it so popular was that the application offered a certain space for users to express themselves. For example, it was very popular to write meaningful words for the status in the profile section. At the same time, we could vibrate when someone didn’t answer or make him see the music we were listening to.

Although it brought features such as video and voice calls in the following years, MSN lost its popularity with the emergence of platforms such as Facebook. Although the platform has entered a development process that eventually reached Skype, many people want to see it as an alternative mobile application to WhatsApp.


Before calling today’s internet speeds slow, it is necessary to have downloaded Mp3 with LimeWire. The speed of the internet we used at that time seemed to be 1 Mbps on paper. But with this app, you could do a real speed test by downloading a song for up to 15 minutes.

Winamp LimeWire

Of course, the phones and other computers to which we transferred the song were also exposed, since virus programs, which did not work properly and only slowed down the computer, could not extract the harmful software from the Mp3s we downloaded. Also, we should not forget the legend of “the police catch those who download files from LimeWire”, which was put forward to scare those who use LimeWire.

Today, there are major lawsuits between copyright holders and such applications. So if LimeWire wants to get into our computers, tablets, or even smartphones again, it will have to do so legitimately.


The application, known as BlackBerry Messenger or BBM, was only available on the BlackBerry OS operating system before it came to iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. While WhatsApp and similar messaging applications had not been released yet, BlackBerry was filling the gap in the market with this platform unique to its own devices.

Winamp BBM

Regardless of the model, if you are using a BlackBerry model, it was installed in BBM. In addition, you could socialize by adding friends and establishing groups with the PIN assigned to your device by the platform, without the need for a phone number.

Of course, the new generation full-screen touchscreen smartphones launched by Apple were not that common in the market yet. Writing messages from phones with numeric keypads could be a complete torture. But at that time, BlackBerry managed to connect even business people with the keyboard it added under the screen.

Technology is advancing by following the continuous development. So we no longer need keyboard phones and old generation messaging apps with PIN sharing. But we are constantly looking for new devices and software that will provide the same experiences. That’s why we hope that BlackBerry will one day get back up and join us.


Some programs are required to connect to IRC servers. For this reason, mIRC was one of those who managed to stand out. However, the main thing that made it carry its name to the list of legends was the free, programmable but optional commands it offered to its users, and you could use it without dealing with commands.

Winamp mIRC

mIRC We can say that it is one of the few applications that can be considered as the ancestor of chat programs. This platform allowed professional users to interpret existing commands more easily by adding code to them and present them to other users. You could also make the program more usable by making the desired commands a menu.


The old users of this application, which we can consider the ancestor of known download programs, say that we should use it even if there is still an updated version. In fact, it is rather weak when compared to Torrent and similar platforms. But it was the most frequented point of p2p sharers of a period.

Winamp eMule

In fact, this platform is a program that a person who uses eDonkey wished to have installed. But he himself does not seem to have kept up with the times. Because of the versions of the application released after 2007 and server interactions, many users started to complain about spyware and computer viruses.

In the next period, it lost almost all its users to torrent applications that became much more powerful than itself. However, for a while, the platform was very connected due to its features such as allowing users to share without a server, queue and credit system.

What do you think about these platforms? If there are other legends like Winamp that you want to return, you can share them with us in the comments.

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