Legend Map Dust 2 Removed from CS:GO Tournament Pool

CS:GO’s legendary map Dust 2 has been removed from the match pool in professional tournaments and replaced by the Anubis map.

Although it does not have its former popularity due to League of Legends and Valorant, it would not be wrong to say that CS: GO tournaments are still one of the most enjoyable esports events to watch. Yes, maybe kennyS, olofmeister, PashaBiceps and many more are gone, but there was one element that still made us happy: de_dust2

The Dust 2 map, as you know, is probably the most iconic map of all Counter-Strike’s games to date. However, according to the explanations of CS:GO tournament organizers, this legendary map, will no longer be on the professional stage…

Dust 2 removed from pro esports map pool

The last to happen and the Outsiders team won IEM (Intel Extreme Masters) Rio Major 2022 According to the news right after the tournament, the legendary Dust 2 map will no longer take place in the professional arena.

According to the announcement, we can still count as new in the professional arena instead of Dust 2. The Anubis map has arrived. The reason for the change Due to Dust 2 being an old and small map, it is considered to be less tactical in the pro arena..

No worries, you’ll still be able to play Dust 2 in your competitive matches

Removed Dust 2 map from pro arena only. Because until now, there were false reports on social media that the Dust 2 map was removed from the competitive pool, do not believe them. You’ll still be able to choose Dust 2 in your casual fun, deathmatch and competitive matches. However, you will not be able to watch it in the professional arena.

Dust 2 hosted the most iconic moments of the professional arena…

When it comes to CS:GO professional tournaments, certain moments come to mind for every hardcore follower. These moments are amusing, preposterous, or unusual actions performed by a particular player or players. for example the moment olofmeister decodes the bomb in the flames on the Overpass map, goosebumps…

The Dust 2 map also had such iconic or iconic moments. Since we will no longer be able to watch new ones, let’s end our content by remembering those moments:

Fnatic’s famous 4 AWP mid-gate grip

The moment when KQLY jumped and worked wonders with the USP-S (debated whether it was cheating…)

Using S1mple’s AWP as fake flash

GeT_RiGhT’s 1v3 clutch (Everything was much better when playing Ninjas in Pyjamas CS:GO…)

Turning GuardiaN into a killing machine with AWP

The scene where Hiko and the ‘Inhuman reactions’ meme were born

the scene where flusha is helplessly cornered, NBK comes and stabs her as if mocking

Are there any legendary Dust 2 moments that you remember? If there are, please do not forget to share them and your thoughts with us in the comments, friends.

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