Legal Action Threat from Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange to Increasing Rumors of Bankruptcy

Leading cryptocurrency exchange (GT) responded to unfounded allegations about it and threatened those responsible with legal means. published in Turkish on its official social media account on June 4th. in the shipmentin the present case withdraw money And deposit transactions seamless expressed about the progress answered the false allegations. The stock market also unsubstantiated against rumors of bankruptcy legal action will be initiated stated.

of the world 100% proof of reserve providing first Claiming that it is a crypto money exchange, unsourced and those who spread rumors only legal ways through intervention announced that it will

In its statement on the subject, the exchange made the following statements:

Legal proceedings will be initiated against people who cause panic among investors only with rumors and gossip, without relying on any concrete source.

Why Was the Description Made in Turkish?

One thing that draws attention about the explanation is that the language Turkish it happened to be. Business Development manager Arife Sahin published on his official social media account on the subject. in the shipmentyour claims in the global arena despite the end continue in Turkey He stated that he was going to such a path.

What Happened? reported on social media last week that withdrawals slowing down and Cross-chain protocol MultiChain (MULTI) with his team One bond There were rumors that he was.

to any source unsustainable according to rumors to china connected law enforcement by investigated The MultiChain team is putting their assets to was running away.

After Türkiye and Dubai, Hong Kong Branch is on the Way

In addition to his statement on the rumors, the stock market Türkiye And of Dubai which has recently become the focus of crypto companies. in Hong Kong of the branch official launch for busy reported that he was continuing his work.

to the country’s financial regulator Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) The stock exchange, which states that it has applied for a license to become Gate.HK of the branch called 23 May as of date into operation He also added that he passed.

Coinecko along with rumors $4.92 from the level $4.05 down to the level of to 20% The GT, which lost its value close to on the rise together $4.49 traded at the level. As of my writing GT, $4.21 level changes hands.

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