League of Legends Turkey, Europe and Middle East Unite

Riot Games has detailed the huge changes we’ve been hearing about in the past few months ahead of the new Europa League season. European, Turkish and Middle Eastern teams will now meet in a single league.

League of Legends, which hosted one of the best World Championship finals in its history in the past days, With big news that also concerns Turkey it came to us.

Riot Games has announced its League of Legends esports plans for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Europe, Middle East, Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries and Turkey, League of Legends will now compete as a single region in esports.

Turkey will no longer be counted as a single region:

With the new change, the LoL Turkey Championship League and the Arab League, the newly created In the ‘EMEA Regional League’ will meet.

  • EU Masters, where the best teams of European countries are faced, will now be EMEA Masters. Therefore, in this tournament, not only Europe but also the newly formed All countries in EMEA will also be included.
  • With all these changes, all players residing in Europe, Turkey, Commonwealth of Independent States and MENA will be participating in the formerly European Championship, now the EMEA Championship. Without being subject to the Interregional Roaming Policy can compete.
  • On the other hand, with new developments, Riot Games’ championship in Russia ‘Continental League’, will remain suspended.

As you can see from the chart above, the EMEA (LEC) Championship, It will consist of teams that first declared the championship in their own region and then proved themselves at the EMEA Masters.

So, what will the encounters be like in the new system?

league of legends

According to the details shared by Riot Games, the championship format will also change in the new order. Tournaments will now be structured as follows:

  • The LEC Season Finals will take place in three seasons, Winter, Spring and Summer. Winter and Spring Season, before MSI matches; The Summer Split and LEC Season Finals will be held after MSI, before the World Championship.
    • Each season will start with matches where only one match is played.
    • The matches will then take place in the group stage with three matches and two eliminations, with the top 8 teams participating.
    • Finally, the best 4 teams will compete with their opponents in the ‘3 winners’ system.
  • In the LEC Season Finals, there will be 6 teams with the highest points all season. Teams that have achieved victory in the season finals will automatically qualify for the finals. As always, the top 3 teams of the LEC Finals will be sent off to the World Championship.

The new system can also shape teams:

Riot Games shared that they are dedicated to taking the competitive environment to a meaningful level with the new system. Of course, we will be able to see the results of the system much more clearly in the coming seasons.

However, the fact that the new EMEA now hosts more countries is an indication that Riot Games is trying to reduce the dominance of South Korea and China a little bit. The fact that many regions will now meet only under one roof can improve the cumulative ability of the players, thus creating a more competitive global environment.

On the other hand, it is now possible to participate in the World Championship for Turkish teams. it will be more difficult we can say. Because in order to participate in the World Championship, we will first have to approach the European Championship.

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