Lawyer Suing China Dies Due to COVID-19

Lawyer Melih Akkurt, who filed a compensation lawsuit against China due to COVID-19, was hospitalized due to COVID-19. Sad news came today from Akkurt, who has been in treatment for a while.

One of the lawyers of the Ankara Bar Association Melih Akkurttogether with her colleague Selenay Kurt, on 13 May 2020, at the Ankara Civil Court of First Instance, against the People’s Republic of China, where COVID-19 first appeared and spread all over the world. law of torts had opened. As the justification for the lawsuit, a high amount of ‘deprivation of profit’ was cited over the monthly turnover of commercial enterprises that were closed within the framework of quarantine measures.

Trying to inform the public that the situation was not reported to the World Health Organization correctly and on time when the epidemic first appeared, it was announced 3 weeks later that the epidemic was contagious, the number of patients was reported incorrectly, Dr. 37-year-old Akkurt, who caught COVID-19 during the trial, in which statements such as Li Wenliang was silenced and 2 Chinese doctors who stated that the new virus could be a SARS-like virus were dismissed, were included. passed away yesterday.

Ankara Bar Association issued a condolence message

For Akkurt, whose funeral was buried in Beşkonak village of Kızılcahamam Ankara Bar Association He also issued a message of condolence. In the message it published, the bar association “On 03.09.2008, the member of our Bar Association, Atty. Melih AKKURT (20354) passed away. May God have mercy on our colleague, we express our condolences to his family and members of our Bar. “ recorded as.

who reported the case at the time it was opened DHASpeaking to , Akkurt said in a statement. “We filed our first case yesterday at the Ankara Civil Court of First Instance against the People’s Republic of China. In the aforementioned compensation cases, we demanded compensation from the profits that emerged after the general expenses were deducted from the turnover of the enterprises, by evaluating the losses of the companies during the period when the companies were closed, within the framework of the criteria of deprivation of profit. When we win the aforementioned cases, we aim to collect over the values ​​of China in our country and in international circulation. For example, let’s say that a commercial enterprise is closed for 2 months. The turnovers of the last year in the 2-month period will be looked at. After deducting general expenses and personnel expenses from their turnover, the amount that emerges will be determined as profit and compensation will be calculated in line with the periods that were deprived of this profit. he said.

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