Lawsuit Filed Against NVIDIA Over Melting RTX 4090s

NVIDIA, which has been hit by users due to the melting of the power cables of the RTX 4090 graphics cards, will be tried in the USA for “fraud”.

RTX 4000 series graphics cards were introduced in NVIDIA’s presentation in the past months. In fact, the 12 GB version of the RTX 4080 introduced at this event was removed from sale before it even came out. will be released under a new name. had been claimed.

In the past weeks, the most powerful graphics card of the 4000 series, the RTX 4090, after long use. the wires melt had appeared. Today, it turned out that some users sued NVIDIA.

NVIDIA sued for ‘fraud’

The owner of the RTX 4090 named Lucas Genova, who applied to the California court exactly one week ago, filed a lawsuit against NVIDIA due to the burning of the video card’s power cable. paid 1599 dollars and “top class quality productthat the video card, which is described as ”, malfunctioned within 48 hours, and on top of all this, that this video card poses a danger to users. stating that Genova’s application was submitted to the court “due to the fact that the product sold according to certain quality standards does not meet the standards fraud” was accepted.

The power cables of the RTX 4090 are due to the fact that the power inputs it has cannot have tabs and the manufacturer’s “For a healthy use, the cable should stand straight for 35 mm.” was melting away due to NVIDIA’s carelessness or recklessness, despite his particular emphasis. The fused power cables will short-circuit, at best, to the power input of the video card or At worst, it caused the video card to burn completely..


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Owners Are In Trouble: Their Cables Are Melting From The Heat!

Famous tech YouTuber JayzTwoCentsAfter naming the cables as dangerous, NVIDIA official Brandon Bell made a statement:I think you’re worried about problems that don’t exist” he said.

The incident went viral after Lucas Genova’s court filing, and on forums like Reddit, users turned to NVIDIA. prepared to file a class action lawsuit. stated. If you want to review the official documents about Genova’s case, you can also located here You can use the link.

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