Latest Situation in Bitcoin On-Chain Data

Bitcoin and all cryptocurrency market is approaching the end of a shaky November. The bankruptcy of FTX, one of the largest crypto exchanges, caused great losses in the sector. The damage caused to Bitcoin by the plot of the last days is just coming to light with on-chain data.

glassnode researchers shared the latest on-chain statistics for Bitcoin with investors. In this article, we will examine the status of important on-chain metrics for the leading cryptocurrency.

BTC Exit Record Broken From Exchanges!

FTX With the bankruptcy of the stock market, the confidence of crypto investors in trading platforms was greatly shaken. According to the data, the all-time negative record was broken in the total balance change metric of all crypto exchanges. The monthly amount of Bitcoin moved out of exchange wallets is at the highest negative level of all time with -172 thousand BTC.

The Number of Transactions Rises on the Bitcoin Network

With the FTX panic in the first half of November, BTC The number of transactions confirmed on its network has increased over the past two weeks. The number of daily transactions on the Bitcoin network has reached 264 thousand on a daily basis.

In these transactions, the weight of the stock markets increased to 47.2%.

Medium-Long-Term Investors Take Action!

in possession for over 6 months bitcoin holding wallets woke up from sleep in November. “Bitcoin Volume Spent after 6 Months” According to the chart, investors who have not moved their BTCs for at least 6 months, broke the all-time record by moving 50 thousand Bitcoins in this process.

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