Last Minute: Altcoin Listed on Binance Delivers Bad News: “We Can’t Reach Our CEO, We Have to Stop It”

A decentralized cross-chain solution that supports multiple blockchains. Multichain announced that it is suspending cross-chain service for 11 chains due to protocol, technical issues and the inability to reach its CEO.

Lost Communication Between Multichain CEO and Developers

According to a statement released today on the project’s official Twitter account, the Multichain protocol has faced many challenges over the past two days due to “unforeseen circumstances”. The team said they did their best to keep the protocol up and running, but lost contact with CEO Zhaojun, who retained the necessary server access for maintenance.

The statement also stated that there is a problem in the scanning node network of Router5, one of the components of the Multichain protocol that provides inter-chain communication. This issue has affected the normal functioning of some chains and is beyond the team’s current permissions and ability to fix.

The team has decided to temporarily suspend the cross-chain service for affected chains in the UI to protect the interests of users.

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They also asked their partners to stop calling Multichain protocol smart contracts for cross-chain transactions directly on or towards the affected chains.

The problems of the Multichain protocol have been brought to bear by the CEO of Zhaojun by Chinese authorities in the country. cryptocurrencies This followed speculation that he had been arrested as part of a crackdown on activities related to the The team said in a previous statement that the CEO had not been arrested.

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