Last day: BluTV subscription is only 1 TL!

Hepsiburada launched its new Premium subscription service, which will rival Amazon Prime with its price and offerings, last July. Hepsiburada Premium, which offers privileges such as free shipping and access to the BluTV series & movie platform, is 1 TL for the next 1 month.

BluTV is 98 percent cheaper with Hepsiburada Premium!

We see that what is offered within the premium package is quite profitable. Because instead of paying the shipping fee for a product, it is possible to get many services together. In addition, you can include BluTV, which has a monthly membership fee of 49.90 TL, in a payment of only 9.90 TL. Of course, you can have a special Hepsiburada Premium subscription fee for the first month by paying only 1 TL.

We see that Hepsiburada directly targets Amazon’s Prime service with this new subscription system. Because even digital content platforms such as BluTV are included in the package. However, at this point, people who are considering choosing between the two parties should also consider other services.

Technological products coming to Şok on October 1

Technological products coming to Şok on October 1

Şok shared a catalog for the technological products it will bring on October 1. There are many products from headphones to computers.

When you buy Amazon Prime for 7.90 TL, you can access special offers for subscribers, free and unlimited shipping, and additional services such as Prime Video and Gaming. Even the market value of the games that were given for free only last month is around 2 thousand 300 TL.

On the Hepsiburada side, services such as furniture assembly service, door-to-door return and Prime Video competitor BluTv, which vary depending on the product for 9.90 TL and cost an average of several hundred liras. Therefore, it would be the most logical to make a choice according to the need.

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Features available to those who purchase the Premium package:

  • Free cargo
    • You can benefit from free shipping on your purchases over 25 TL.
  • 3 percent Hepsipapel earnings
    • You can spend the Hepsiburadas you earn on Hepsiburada.
  • Free BluTV
    • You can watch all BluTV content free of charge during your subscription.
  • Free furniture assembly
    • You can have the furniture you buy from Hepsiburada assembled for free.
  • Free return at the door
    • You can easily return the products you bought from your address on any day.
  • priority call center
    • You can get support without waiting time by connecting to call centers with priority.

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