Land in Cryptocurrency Based Game Sold for 30 Million TL

A plot of land in Axie Infinity, a game built on the Ethereum network, was bought by another player for approximately $2 million 200 thousand. The land became the most expensive land sold in the digital world.

One of the most played games on the Ethereum network. Axie Infinityshared an interesting announcement the other day. Inspired by Pokemon, the platform, which gives people Ethereum in exchange for the wars they wage, the special items they collect and the characters they train, announced that one of their virtual plots 550 Ethereum announced that it was sold for (about 2 million 200 thousand dollars – 29 million TL at today’s value).

According to Axie’s share, this land named ‘genesis land’ has been the most expensive land among digital plots sold to date. Axie, this community of players continues to shock the world He congratulated the buyer and seller of the land. It was not disclosed which players these buyers and sellers were.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity was developed with the aim of introducing blockchain technology to people in a fun and educational way. Axie, currently the number one game of the Ethereum network, by rewarding players for their contribution to the ecosystem completely separates its partnership with other games. In the game, which adopts the ‘play to win’ model, players can win and collect prizes by fighting each other.


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In addition, they develop characters that are generally called ‘Axie’ and offer them for sale in the in-game store, and they can get higher rewards by collecting rare Axies. According to the details in Axie’s White Paper, the platform has so far been 13 thousand Ethereum, that is, with today’s value. Awarded $52 million in prizes. last of this page Updated in December 2020 must not be forgotten.

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