Lamborghini Recalls Huracans

The world-famous Italian automobile giant Lamborghini recalled Huracan models due to a production error that poses a possible safety risk. However, only one person came out of this trouble.

Although Lamborghini is widely acclaimed for its many models, some models in this list stand out from the others. When it comes to Lamborghini one of the first models that come to our mind, the Huracan It is definitely at the top of this list.

Thus millions of Turkish lira Even in the vehicles that you can have by paying, some production-related problems may be encountered. We have seen similar problems and recalls of vehicles before. This time, a similar news came from Lamborghini Huracan models. And for a very serious reason.

If the problem is not fixed, the doors of the vehicles may not be opened from the outside.

A problem was encountered during the end-of-line quality controls of the Lamborghini Huracan Evo and STO’s 21 models, which have a price of approximately 20 million TL. After the slack in the clip, which allows the doors of the models to be opened and closed, was noticed. produced between May 2 and May 9, 2022. all Huracan EVOs and STOs have been recalled.

Although it seems like a simple problem, it’s actually quite a serious problem because it’s quite possible that this clip will gradually loosen over time. In this case, the doors of the vehicles cannot be opened from the outside in any way. and the possibility of being stuck in the vehicle in a possible accident is very high.


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Lamborghini took the matter seriously and investigated the source of the problem. As a matter of fact, as a result of Lamborghini’s short-term research, this glitch, which may cause safety problems in Huracans, fault of a person working in the assembly department was discovered. The control of the recalled vehicles continues.

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