Krefeld: Well, you weird bird! Passers-by catch baby bouquet | Regional

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Two passers-by had an unusual encounter at the weekend in the Krefeld city forest. During their walk on Friday evening, a baby ostrich suddenly stood in front of them. The two bravely lured the young bird and caught him.

Then they alerted the fire department. She brought the baby bouquet to the Krefeld hunting officer. A doctor from the Krefeld Zoo examined the bird that evening. He is about four to five months old and in good health.

Then on Saturday morning the move to the Krefeld animal shelter. That is now looking for the owner of the “little one”. The baby is about four feet tall. When fully grown, male ostriches can be up to 2.80 meters tall and females two meters tall. The birds, which can weigh up to 140 kilograms, are unable to fly, but can run at top speeds of 70 kilometers per hour.

It is still completely unclear whether the bird escaped or was deliberately abandoned. Dear owner, do not bury your head in the sand, but please call the animal shelter in Krefeld.