KPSS Turkey First, Could Not Be Appointed Despite Its Degree

Elif Burcu Açıkgöz, who succeeded in being the first in Turkey in KPSS, explained that she could not be appointed despite her degree, for a reason she did not know. At the same time, Açıkgöz, who has a child, called on the authorities for their efforts.

From our childhood, we are advised to be successful in exams and achieve good grades so that we can have a good job. However, it seems that even the best degree is not enough to do the desired profession. 34-year-old mother of a child living in Tokat Zile Elif Burcu Açıkgöz, In their field KPSS Turkey winner He declared that he was not appointed.

Açıkgöz, who currently runs a Consulting Project and Training Center, entered KPSS for the first time in 2010 and became the 27th in Turkey. Açıkgöz, who entered KPSS again after 10 years, Veterinary Health Technician succeeded in being the first in Turkey in its field. However, from the results of the assignment never expected faced with a decision.

Turkey’s first place may go to waste:

In his choices Gaziantep Islamic Science and Technology University with Kırşehir Ahi Evran University Veterinary Technician Awaiting a definitive appointment, Açıkgöz said, with the announcement of the results on January 6th. with the opposite situation faced. Expressing that he could not understand the reason why he could not be appointed despite being the first, Açıkgöz said that the results of the placement a big disappointment He stated that he wanted the authorities to take action so that his efforts were not wasted.


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In addition to studying, Açıkgöz, who has a job and takes care of his child, will be the first in Turkey with the KPSS to be held again this year. combustion face the risk. He stated that he was not sure whether he would get the same degree if he re-entered the exam. have no idea it repeats once again.

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