Kolektif House has announced its 2023 targets!

Kolektif House continued to expand its location network in 2022. Maintaining its leadership in the sector by moving the number of locations to 20 with new locations opened last year, mainly Kolektifmini Bebek, Kolektifmini on-the-beach OM Paparazzi and Süzer Plaza, Kolektif House aims to increase this number to 29 in 2023.

The size of the ecosystem we have created has exceeded 30 thousand

Commenting on the subject Ahmet Onur, Co-Founder and CEO of Kolektif House“In 2015, we set out with the motto of ‘Love, create, share’ to create a living space where we can grow stronger by creating not just a place, but a community.

At the point we have reached today, we host over 3,500 companies, from startups to corporate companies, under the roof of Kolektif House. Today, the size of the ecosystem we have created with our members has exceeded 30 thousand.

As Kolektif House, we are very happy to offer a working environment where employees from different disciplines can come together, exchange ideas, learn together, and open the doors of new collaborations by expanding their networks in our daily interactions and activities, in short, they ‘create freely’.

“We are moving towards becoming a technological platform”

According to research firm CBRE,Serviced Office Sector in TurkeyExpressing that they are in the leading position in the sector in terms of leasable area size according to the ‘ report, Ahmet Onur said that they have approximately 20 percent of the serviced offices in Turkey with 20 locations they currently serve.

Emphasizing that they aim to increase their market share to 30 percent in the near future with the new locations to be opened, Ahmet Onur continued his words as follows: “While flexible working becomes the center of business life, we offer hybrid workspace solutions with strategic approaches to brands from different scales and sectors. In the last 5 years, we have grown approximately 2 times every year.

In 2022, we acquired a technology company as part of our technology investments in the end-to-end digitization of our services. Now we develop and produce our technology ourselves. In this context, we have designed the working experience of the future with the technological infrastructure we have developed in collectivemini, the first of which we brought to life in Bebek with the motto ‘Work as much as you want, pay as you work’, breaking new ground in the world. It digitizes the next generation autonomous workspace collective, the office experience from A to Z.

The collective, where users can manage all their needs through our mobile application, attracts great attention. At this point today Over 12 thousand downloads and over 4 thousand 500 users we arrived. We are taking firm steps towards designing the future of working and becoming a technological platform with the collective mini that we have recently opened to companies as well as individual users.

In addition, we continue to increase the number of our locations. In the near future, we are exploring different markets abroad, as well as expanding in cities outside of Istanbul, especially in Ankara.”

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