Klaus Müller, did we buy the high gas storage levels too expensively?

Berlin The gas storage tanks are more than 90 percent full in mid-January – a historically high level. The warnings of a gas shortage, which were still omnipresent in the summer and autumn of 2022, seem far away.

In the second of three special episodes of the Green & Energy podcast from the Handelsblatt energy summit in Berlin, Handelsblatt editor Michael Scheppe speaks to Germany’s top gas guard, Klaus Müller.

In the interview, the President of the Federal Network Agency defended the measure against the accusation that the storage levels were brought to the current level through investments worth billions and criticized as too expensive.

“It’s easy to forget that we made the decision under great time pressure and in a situation in which the market suffered from extreme uncertainty and where I was visited by the who’s who of the German gas industry,” says Müller.

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For the rest of the current winter, the former Green Party politician and consumer advocate is relaxed. But he is all the more worried about the coming heating season. Many consumers would have to step up their savings efforts.

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