Key features of the 4th generation iPhone SE have been revealed!

Apple’s focus on affordability iPhone SE series has been meeting with users since 2016. In addition to being affordable, smartphones are normal iPhone same as models processorIts use is also cited as one of the biggest reasons why it comes to the fore. The US manufacturer is coming soon at this point. 4th generation iPhone SE Getting ready to showcase the model. Finally, new details about the device came. So what will the iPhone SE 4 offer users?

What will iPhone SE 4 offer users?

iPhone SE 4 The countdown has begun. Recent reports suggest that the phone will be next year. MarchIt claims to be on display in April. In addition, it is stated that Apple will make some critical changes in the new model. At this point, the smartphone will appear in front of users with a design similar to the iPhone XR. As you know, the SE series has been low screen trunk ratio and Touch IDadopted the . This even caused the company to be criticized on the subject.

iPhone SE 4

In the upcoming model, this situation will change completely. Because if the allegations are true, on the smartphone Touch ID There will be no positioned home button and thick bezels. Thus, Apple iPhone SE will also start using Face ID in its series. This will make the bezels smaller and the screen larger.

New design claim about iPhone 15!

New design claim about iPhone 15!

Although only 2 months have passed since the introduction of the iPhone 14 models, claims about the iPhone 15 have already begun to come.

iPhone SE; It will come with a 6.1-inch LCD panel that offers 720p resolution. Of course, the low screen resolution may attract attention, but it is worth remembering that these are claims. Apart from that, it is expected to have IP67 certification and a 3,000mAh battery that supports 20W fast charging and 7.5W wireless charging. The processor will come to the fore in the smartphone, as in the rest of the iPhone SE series. Because the Apple A16 Bionic, used in the iPhone 14 Pro models introduced in September, will power the upcoming model.

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