Kelly Family celebrates comeback with a new TV documentary

The Kelly Family has big plans: There should be new music and a TV project. As the TV broadcaster RTL2 confirmed, fans can expect a four-part prime-time documentary. In the documentary, the band is accompanied on their journey, in which they travel to places in Europe that they have chosen and which are special to them.

“We warmly welcome the Kelly Family,” said Martin Blickhan, Head of Consumer PR to “Bild.” “We are planning a documentary soap in which we can accompany the family on an emotional journey to past and future stages in their careers. Production has already started. We will announce more details at a later date. “

Kelly Family singer Joey Kelly came up with the idea for the TV project

According to the information, Kelly Family singer Joey Kelly (48), who is already full of anticipation, had the idea for this: “In the four-part primetime documentary we visit with our old double-decker bus and the legendary houseboat of the Kelly Family, the Sean O ‘ Kelley, the defining places in Europe for us, ”he revealed.

Deceased members of the Kelly Family are also to be honored

Fans of Angelo Kelly, who left the band, can also be happy that he should have an appearance. But that’s not all: The deceased members of the Kelly Family, such as Barby Kelly and the band founders Barbara Ann and Dan Kelly, are to be honored.

The Kelly fans have to wait a little longer, however, because the TV documentary is not due to be broadcast until autumn.