JPMorgan: US Banking Crisis An Opportunity For Cryptocurrency Exchanges

US banking giant JPMorgan said that the recent US banking crisis could open up new opportunities for some cryptocurrency exchanges.

Recently bankrupt crypto friendly, JPMorgan reported in a March 22 report. Silvergate Bank, Silicon Valley Bench And Signature Bankleft in the industry the gap cryptocurrency stock markets can fill expressed. The banking giant important These banks have a place behind them an important leaving the opportunity its activities that you ended mentioned.

The report states that the collapse of all three banks has led to crypto companies. in different forms like some stock markets diversified banking cryptocurrencies with partners of companies from what happened much less reported to be affected.

JPMorgan is also responsible for asset transfers of crypto companies after the banking crisis. to stablecoins more than ever in need it was underlined. The report said after Silvergate announced it would cease operations. Tether (USDT) market value that you rise attention has been drawn

Tether (USDT) Market Cap 28 Feb-24 Mar

On the other hand, in the long run lost restructuring of banking networks. ensuring that vital importance JPMorgan, who stated that the banking services offering market share that you can win drew attention.

Also, in the USA regulatory crypto companies of the framework Europe And Asia working with banking partners based can push possibility of referred to in the report scenarios was among.

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