JP Morgan Announces Bitcoin’s Fair Value! $15K or $45K?

long-standing bitcoin The gold benchmark still hasn’t come to a conclusion.

Bitcoin supporters argue that BTC is digital, stating that BTC is more secure than gold.

BTC While showing that it acts as a safe haven against the economic problems experienced, JP Morgan analysts said that Bitcoin is trading at a low price compared to the current gold price.

Currently, the “Balanced Price” level in Bitcoin, which is calculated by taking into account many metrics and shown as the “bottom level”, is around $ 15,000. However, according to JP Morgan analysts, the value that BTC should be is much higher.

According to Barron’s JP Morgan analysts In a note in his recent report, given that the price of gold is $2,000 an ounce He said that BTC should already be at $45,000.

Approaching halving Analysts evaluating the event BTC He said that while he thought it would have a positive effect on the price of Bitcoin, he did not expect a rise in the price of Bitcoin in the near term due to the ongoing regulatory pressure against cryptocurrencies in the USA.

“Given that the price of gold was $2,000 an ounce, BTC should now be trading at $45,000.

However, headwinds from regulatory restrictions in the US, the unrest of the banking networks for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and the repercussions of last year’s FTX crash continue to weigh on Bitcoin as it appears to limit any potential gains going forward.”

Next to analysts’ estimate of $45,000 BTC It is currently trading at $26,440, about 70% below the forecast.

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