Joint Live Streaming Feature Arrived on YouTube

YouTube has started to bring the ‘cooperative live broadcast’ feature, where multiple content producers can broadcast live, to certain Android and iOS users.

Popular video platform YouTube, last year, content producers joint live broadcast had given the signals of the future of a feature that allows it to open. A statement by Google today also revealed that the feature has officially started coming to Android and iOS.

Announced as ‘Joint Live Broadcast’, the new feature allows multiple people to broadcast live at the same time. Company, has 50 subscribers While it is stated that everyone can receive guests in their live broadcasts, he also states that only one guest can take part in the live broadcast. It is also among the explanations that guests can be changed during the live broadcast.

How will the Joint Live Broadcast feature be used?

Google states that public broadcasts can be scheduled from the computer; but to broadcast mobile phones stated that it should be used. Also shared how to live stream with guests:

  1. Open the YouTube app
  2. From the bottom, tap ‘Create’ and then ‘Public Live’
  3. Enter details like title, description, monetization, thumbnails and visibility settings
  4. Tap ‘Done’ and ‘Invite co-streamer’ invite your guest by selecting one of the options
  5. When your guest clicks on the link and is directed to the waiting room, add your guest with the ‘Add’ section and tap ‘Start Live’ to open the broadcast

It should be noted that there is no subscription limit for guests. In addition, Google notes that guests can also earn ad revenue. Apart from these, your currently being tested with a small group of creators, Adding that it will come for more users soon. So for now, not everyone can access this feature.

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