John Ssabunnya Growing Up With Monkeys in the Jungle

John Ssabunnya, who was raised by monkeys after escaping to the forest at the age of 3, accomplished many successful works when he returned to normal life years later.

Children abandoned by their families wild or wild child (feral child) is named. If you remember the life of Dina Sanichar, one of the children with such a life, we shared it with you recently.

The wild child we will focus on today is not wolves like Dina, but He grew up with monkeys and later adapted to city life and his life became the subject of documentaries. John Sabunnya.

3-year-old John flees into the woods after allegedly brutally murdering his family

John was born in Uganda in 1980, when conflicts hit the country’s economy badly. John’s parents weren’t particularly involved, even though his father was reportedly a violent person. participating in armed conflicts was a human.

There aren’t many details about John’s infancy, but all the weird stories about the little boy begin when he was just 3 years old. When he was just 3 years old, both John’s mother and father passed away. This is where it gets a little interesting, because according to the neighbors, John, after he brutally murdered his parents on a spur of the moment fleeing into the forest.

There are also allegations that his parents left John alone, but in the village where John grew up. hmen criminal little boy is showing.

Monkeys welcome John in the forest


John himself tells the part of the story after he escaped into the woods. After John went to the forest, he A colony of African monkeys He says that he meets them and they eat bananas and sweet potatoes together.

John hung out with the monkeys after his meals, and the monkeys accepted John as part of the group. Slowly the monkeys their movements, voices, and even mannerisms. Starting to imitate, John even learned to climb trees with his monkey colony.

john ssabunnyan

John said they slept on banana leaves with the monkeys and for a very long time. not consuming any water stated. During the 3 years he stayed in the forest, he consumed only fruits, nuts, fruits and vegetables found in the wild such as corn and strawberries.

According to the scientists’ later analysis of John, the little boy spent his time in the forest. all of the water needs from fruits and vegetables has met. However, this incident did a lot of damage to John’s body.

John was found by a woman in the woods years later.


When the calendars showed 1991, a woman named Milly Sebbavio saw John while walking in the forest collecting something to eat with other monkeys. After returning to her hometown and seeking help, Milly takes a group of people to the crime scene.let others witness what they have knitted provided.

The people who came to the forest wanted to save John from the monkeys and take him to the hospital. Because the little boy’s body was so frail that when they first saw John the child is about to die they thought.

Of course, things have not been this easy. Because both the monkeys and John came to the forest. to throw stones and sticks at these strangers started. In a great struggle, John hid behind a cliff, but in the end, the villagers to capture the little boy and take him to the village they succeeded.

John’s body did not accept the food that normal people eat

child raised by monkeys

The locals who brought John to the village first tried to make the little boy drink hot soup. However, John’s body could not handle it and he had diarrhea for days. As nauseating as it was, when John defecated for the first time a worm half a meter long from the anus of a small child out.

John was diagnosed as a “wild child” by scientists the year he was first rescued. Initial reports indicated that John had various scars and scabs all over his body, and even that the little boy had once been causing abnormal growth of body hair It shows that he has hypertrichosis, but later this disease goes away on its own.

When John was plucked from the wild, one of his toes was missing. When and how this happened, after John’s finger was severed how he healed without getting infected Unknown. Also, just like Dina Sanichar, John could not communicate with people, he could only tell his troubles by crying.

John was first placed with a family, then joined the choir

wild boy john ssabunnyan

Rescued from the forest, John was ostracized by society for a long time. People, the little boy “monkey boy”, “half human” and “half child half animal” and even the government did not want to take care of John.

A philanthropist named Paul Wasswa, who learned about this situation, wanted to adopt John with his wife Molly. Paul and Molly, who took John with them after completing the adoption process, the young child to an orphanage such as a rehabilitation center. placed it.

Little John enjoyed talking, walking, eating off the plate, and eating with the 1,500 children. dozens of things normal kids do learned. When John spoke for the first time, everyone in the orphanage was impressed by the little boy’s voice, and with the support of his family, John joined the choir and began to sing with his charming voice.

john ssabunnya

Having participated in many choirs, such as the Pearl Of Africa Children’s Choir, John started primary school where, in addition to learning his own language thoroughly, and English education took. But for John, the real deal began with the efforts of a dentist who came to Uganda for free dental treatment.

When 56-year-old dentist Hilary Cook arrived in Uganda, she was fascinated by John’s story and when she returned to her home country of England For a choir that John can be in organized the tour. The English press used the following headlines for John’s concerts; “A boy raised by monkeys in the jungles of Africa comes to England to sing in a children’s choir.”

John appeared as the captain of the football team in the Special Olympics

john ssabunnyan

Thanks to this tour, John sang with his own choir in London, Wales, Glasgow and Sheffield. But singing wasn’t the only thing John was gifted with. The young boy had a special interest in football and was held in 2003 for children and adults with mental and physical disabilities. As the captain of his own team at the Special Olympics showed up.

John throughout his football career Participate in competitions in countries such as the USA and the UK. During this time he always had close contact with his adoptive parents, Paul and Molly.

Added to the category of “wild boy” by science, John Ssabunny is now 41 years old. The young man who bought himself a small house in Uganda Bombo with the money he earned from football and choir, last year you wanted to get married and have childreni have expressed.

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