Japan’s interior minister resigns – PM Kishida under pressure

Minoru Terada

Tereda’s successor will be former Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto.

(Photo: Reuters)

Tokyo Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday appointed former Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto as the new Interior Minister. Former Interior Minister Minoru Tereda had previously resigned over a scandal involving party funding.

It is the third resignation by a minister in a month. Because the Japanese government is struggling with a series of scandals.

Prime Minister Kishida apologized for the repeated resignations. He is aware of the responsibility of bringing the politicians who have been fired into the cabinet in the first place.

According to observers, the renewed ministerial resignation is another blow for Kishida, whose poll numbers have already plummeted. He has been criticized for the fact that numerous politicians from his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) had ties to the Mun sect, also known as the Unification Church, founded by the late Korean San Myung Mun.

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Just recently, Kishida had to change his justice minister. The reason was massive criticism of the minister’s controversial statements on the role of the justice minister in the execution of capital punishment. Before that, the minister for economic revival had had to leave because of his close ties to the sect.

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